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Room Mates Over View

1. All Roommates are jointly and severally liable for the total rent and utilities. This means that if 1 roommate fails to pay his portion of the rent, you are still responsible for paying the full amount. If you fail to do so, we have the right to evict all of you.

2. Violations of the rental agreement by one tenant can lead to negative consequences for all tenants. Joint and several liability dictates that any violation committed by one tenant is considered a violation by all tenants.

3. Communication with one tenant constitutes communication to all tenants. This means if we speak to one roommate, we assume the information has been shared between all.

3. The Security Deposit and additional security stays with the unit until final disposition. Peninsula Property Management does not make exceptions to this rule. This is addressed between roommates.

4. The Security Deposit and additional security  will be distributed equally among the tenants named on the lease after all expenses are paid.

5. The lease signed with PPM is different from a roommate agreement. The lease with PPM is a legal contract between one or more tenants and the landlord. The Roommate agreement is a contract made between residents of a rental unit and is not binding to the landlord/ PPM.

6. To remove one tenant from the lease, ALL tenants on the lease and Peninsula Property Management must agree and sign a "remove tenant form" with Peninsula Property Management. This form releases the tenant from the lease and makes him/her no longer jointly and severally liable. 

7. Substitute tenants or tenants added to the lease MUST apply and be approved by us and all tenants on the lease. Send them to to complete the application and pay the application fee.

8. Peninsula Property Management does not mediate tenant/ roommate issues.

9. Peninsula Property Management is not responsible for finding a replacement roommate for you.

The above information, is not legal advice, and does not modify or create any duties or obligations of the landlord or tenant and is solely the opinion of Peninsula Property Management. The rights and obligations of the Tenant are as contained in the lease, any addenda thereto,Washington's Residential Landlord Tenant Act (RCW 59.18 et. seq) and any other applicable state, federal or local government regulation or code. Tenant should consult with counsel of their choice for further information.