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Peninsula Property Management

Animal Policy

This policy establishes the basic rules and conditions under which an animal may be kept in a rental home managed by Peninsula Property Management. Compliance with all applicable state and federal statutes, and city ordinances is required.


 Types and Number of Animals Allowed by PPM:


  1. Number of animals is a maximum of four (4) according to Kitsap County regulations.
  2. Only domesticated, common household animals allowed. No wild animals are permitted – such as birds (except those that are caged), chinchillas, ferrets, fish (in tanks 20 gallons or more without adequate insurance naming Peninsula Property Management as additional insured), iguanas, monkeys, pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, raccoons, rodents of any kind, skunks, snakes or reptiles of any kind, tarantulas, scorpions or spiders of any kind,
  3. THE FOLLOWING SPECIFIC BREEDS OF DOGS (OR DOGS MIXED WITH THESE BREEDS) ARE NOT PERMITTED: Pit Bulls (aka American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or American Pit Bull Terriers), Mastiffs/Bull Mastiffs, Akita, Alaskan Malamutes, Huskies, Malamutes, Doberman Pinschers, Rotweillers, Chow Chows, Siberian Husky, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, wolf dog and or wolf hybrid and Presa Canaios.
  4. Service Animal provides assistance, service, or support to a person with disabilities and which is needed as a reasonable accommodation to such an individual with disabilities as defined by Fair Housing laws. Please complete a Request for Reasonable Accommodation. They count towards the maximum number of animals allowed.


Each home owner that we represent has the right to decide if they will accept animals. Each Animal Friendly home is different and may have some limitations based on the type of animal, the size of animal (height and weight) and how many are acceptable. Please make sure that you have completed the appropriate steps to have your animal approved.


To have an animal approved, please:

  • Complete a "Request for an Animal Form" available upon request.
  • Pay a non-refundable animal application fee of $100 to PPM
  • Provide a description of your animal along with a picture
  • Provide a certificate to verify that your animal has been spayed or neutered ( dogs and cats)
  • Provide proof of up to date inoculations required by law


                                 - A separate Request must be made for each Animal-


PPM will provide you with written documentation once the application has been reviewed and approved. No animal shall be in the home without the Approval letter.





  1. Only an approved animal with written documentation from PPM will be allowed on the premises. No substitutions. If you change animals, you must submit a new animal application and be approved. Prior approval does not guarantee a new approval. No Guest animals allowed.
  2. An additional refundable security deposit of $600 will be required upon approval of animal- prior to animal living in the premises.
  3. The additional refundable security deposit will not be returned until the end of tenancy, regardless of how long the approved animal lived in the premises.
  4. The tenant shall be responsible for proper care, including but not limited to flea and odor control, yearly inoculations, and compliance with all applicable state and federal statutes, and city ordinances.
  5. The tenant shall keep the home, the property and the surrounding areas free of animal odors, insect infestation, waste and litter. The home must be in a sanitary condition at all times.
  6. The tenant shall be responsible to immediately comply with any legal notice posted by property management or tenant will be subject to cost of materials/labor for any damage caused by their animal- including pick up removal of animal waste and litter.
  7. All Animals must be contained in an area so as not to interfere with any interior inspections or maintenance service which has been requested.
  8. The tenant is required to pay for any damage their animal has caused. Animal Damage of any kind is NOT considered normal wear and tear. If damage cannot be satisfactorily cleaned or repaired, tenant must pay for the complete replacement of the item(s). Payment for damages, repairs, cleaning, replacement ect shall be due immediately upon demand.
  9. Tenants shall be strictly liable for the entire amount of injury to the person or property of others, caused by such animal.
  10. Move -out- Upon move out of Tenant, tenant shall pay for professional: de-fleaing, deodorizing, steam cleaning carpets and window treatment, and duct cleaning regardless of how long the animal occupied the premises. Two hundred and fifty dollars (250.00) shall be held back for thirty (30) days after move out to cover costs that may show up after vacancy. (I.E. odor, fleas)


Violations of this policy: shall be considered a violation of a material term of the lease. Base rent will automatically increase by $250.00, to be retroactive for a maximum of twelve months of Tenant occupancy, and continue until Property Management has regained possession of the Property. Payment of this increase does not permit or imply written authorization to retain the animal in question. In addition, Property Management may require immediate removal of the animal or commence eviction process.